“The greatest religious problem today is how to be both a mystic and a militant; in other words how to combine the search for an expansion of inner awareness with effective social action, and how to feel one's true identity in both” Ursula K. LeGuin

Monday, March 21, 2016

Frances Willard

Frances Willard was one of five women elected lay delegates to the Methodist Episcopal Church's General Conference of 1888, but all five were denied participation. She had attended previously in 1880 as a "fraternal delegate" representing the Women's Christian Temperance Union, of which she was president. Although grudging allowed to speak, instead she gave her written message to a male colleague to read because of the contentious debate at the conference over female clergy with Anna Howard Shaw and Anna Oliver denied ordination and preaching licenses of all women revoked.
Miss Willard was a co-founder of WCTU and its president from 1979 until her death in 1898. Under her leadership the organization broadened its purpose to include women's suffrage as well as prison reform and creation of child labor laws.
Read more about her here  http://search.credoreference.com/content/topic/willard_frances_elizabeth_caroline_1839_1898

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